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Trade & Industrial Education
Advanced Digital Software
This course adds to the student knowledge and working skills of the software, such as, Photoshop. The student will take group photos and candid shots using a digital camera, store the images, edit the images, display the images and transmit the images.
Debbie Kirkpatrick 918-828-5031
A. Expand Adobe Photoshop Skills.
1. Use screen capture, screen grab, changing colors, and history.
2. Experiment with history brush, art brush, picture packages, and Web photo galleries.
3. Produce product sheets, deal with printers, preferences, and panoramic photos.

B. Work with Profiling, File Management, and Monitor Calibration.
1. Use calibration software for accurate control.
2. Organize files for easy management.
3. Understand printer profiles for precise control.
Exploring Color Photography Fourth Edition by Robert Hirsch, McGraw-Hill Publisher (2005)

Photoshop Now by Douglas Henderson

More Photoshop Now by Douglas Henderson

Photoshop Simplified DVD Series by Photovision

Portrait and Studio Series by Photovision
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