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Trade & Industrial Education
Aircraft Electronics Transformers
This course will study the basic facts and general principles related to transformers. Procedures for isolating faulty transformers within a circuit will also be covered.
Jeff Huffman, TDL Career Cluster Team Leader, 405-743-5145

The student will be able to identify the relationship of basic facts and general principles about the theory of transformer operation, to include:

-Primary winding
-secondary winding
-eddy currents
-counter EMF

Students will be able to determine the procedure to isolate faulty transformers in a circuit. To include:

-Open and shorted primary coil
-secondary coil
-improperly installed transformers
-primary and secondary resistance testing

Competency Test:

NCATT Certified Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET)

National Center for Aircraft Technician Training (NCATT)
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