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Trade & Industrial Education
American Court Systems
The role of the judiciary in the criminal justice system. Areas of study include the structure of the Municipal, State, and Federal Court systems; Municipal vs. State venue for prosecution of offenders, the right to counsel, pretrial release, grand jury processes, the adjudication of crimes, rules of evidence, sentencing using Oklahoma statutes as illustrations and court testimony.
Darren Gibson
Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Cluster Resources

1. Describe a typical state court system and identify some of the differences between the state and federal court systems.
2. Describe prosecutorial discretion and plea bargaining
3. Explain the structure of the federal court system and name and describe the various types of federal courts
4. Describe the difference between Oklahoma Municipal and District courts.
5. Describe the courtroom work group and identify its members.
6. Identify the various stages of a criminal trial.
7. Describe the nature and purpose of the criminal trial.
8. List the four traditional sentencing options.
9. Describe the five goals of contemporary criminal sentencing.
10. Identify the arguments for and against capital punishment.
11. Identify how the investigator prepares for court.
Written and Competency Based examinations.
Law enforcement facilities/agencies.
References: Various texts, articles, bulletins and other materials appropriate to course material are used as instructor references.

Text book:
• Written and Interpersonal Communication: Methods for Law Enforcement
• Criminal Justice Today 10th Edition

Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN)
• Courtroom Testifying
• Courtroom Tactics with F. Lee Bailey
• Domestic Violence, Part 3: Domestic Violence Court
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