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Trade & Industrial Education
Automotive Automatic Transmission (NATEF aligned) (OPTION 2)
In this course the student will learn about the components of the automatic transmission. The student will learn to check and adjust fluid levels and how to change the automatic transmission fluid.
The student will learn to identify and interpret transmission concerns, perform pressure tests and determine necessary action. Also covered in this
course will be vacuum modulators, governor assemblies, external seals and gaskets, speedometer drive gear and vehicle speed sensors. The student will also cover power train mounts, extension housing bushings and seals. Also in this course student will leak test, flush and replace cooler lines and fittings. The student will learn to perform lock-up converter system tests, and how to diagnose electronic, mechanical, hydraulic vacuum control system concerns. The student will learn to inspect and test, adjust and replace transmission electrical and electronic components. The student will learn to remove and reinstall transmission and transaxle assemblies as well as the torque converter systems. Also covered will be service and repair techniques on the valve body assembly. Students will learn to perform inspection, measuring, cleaning, and replacement of all the internal components to perform a complete automatic transmission and transaxle overhaul; this will include internal seals and o-rings, planetary gears, link chains and sprockets, pistons, check balls, springs, servo assemblies as well as drums and bands.
John Day
Automotive Service Excellence, National Automotive
Technicians Education Foundation

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics Career
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