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Trade & Industrial Education
Aviation Tools, Precision Measurement & Blueprints
Students will identify and select aircraft hardware, determine proper torque limits and determine proper materials for aircraft and engine repairs. Students will perform measurements using micrometers, calipers, and dial indicators. They will be shown the proper use of hand and power tools with emphasis on using safety equipment for personal safety protection. Students will also interpret blueprints and schematics, study symbols, blueprint references, and use drawing tools to develop aircraft drawings. Graphs and charts will be used in determining aircraft system capabilities.
Jeff Huffman, TDL Career Cluster Team Leader, 405-743-5145,

-Define and understand aircraft hardware

-Understand and operate precision measuring instruments

-Hand tool usage

-Power tool usage

-Cutting tool usage

Competency will be measured by hands on, oral, and written exams, and through proctored online testing. Credit for FAA equivalent courses in Generals and Airframe leading to Aircraft Mechanic License with AirframeCertification.

Credit for the FAA equivalent courses in Generals and Airframe leading to Aircraft Mechanics License with Airframe Certification.

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Aircraft Structural Technician, Hurst, Dale, Hurst Consulting, 2001
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