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Trade & Industrial Education
Aviation Weather
In this course, students will learn that a fundamental understanding of meteorology is crucial for pilots. Despite advances in computerized forecasting methods, there are still limits to the accuracy of predictions because of our ever changing atmosphere. It is important that student pilots learn to decipher a multitude of printed reports and forecasts when planning a flight, because challenging, even hazardous weather conditions can develop that impact aircraft operation, as well as estimated time of arrival.
Jeff Huffman, TDL Career Cluster Team Leader, 405-743-5145,

-Students will cover basic weather theory.

-Students will learn about weather patterns and hazards.

-Students will learn how to interpret weather data.

Written test evaluation to meet the written component of the FAA Private Pilot Certification. The student may continue their hands-on application portion in either a FAR part 141 school and or a part 61 certified flight center.

-Student Pilot Certificate - FAA requirement needed to exercise solo flight privileges

-Private Pilot Ground School Certificate

-Conoco-Phillips Ground Handling Certification

-Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual

-Jeppesen Private Pilot Syllabus

-Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers
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