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Trade & Industrial Education
Basic CAD for Construction Managers
This course introduces the construction manager to basic CAD software. Topics covered include safety, tools, equipment, media and reproduction, sketching, scale usage, drawing formats, alphabet of lines, lettering and geometric construction, computer literacy through CAD, operating systems and file utilities, software functions, office functions, hardware applications, coordinates, drawing environment, plotting, printing, multi-view drawing environment, geometry modifications and dimensioning, symbol library development, introduction to CAD software used to manipulate text and graphics and basic CAD applications.
Bryan T. Kropfinger
(405) 605-2329
Chris Burris
(405) 605-2227
Construction Core
• Execute the CAD software
• Create, modify, store and retrieve 2D drawing files
• Plot drawing files with various plotting devices
• Manipulate the CAD interface, command execution and set up the design environment
• Create, edit and plot geometry and manage objects via layers
• Create accurate geometric shapes, constructions and selection sets
• Annotate drawing information and manipulate display options accurately
• Configure plotting devices and plot various drawings
• Utilize various editing and productivity commands
• Create and edit polylines and splines
AutoCAD and Its Applications – Comprehensive 2010, Goodheart Wilcox, 2009
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