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Trade & Industrial Education
Basic Microphone Systems
The course introduces students to microphone systems as they relate to audio recording in television production. Students learn the basic audio equipment and how to utilize, maintain and troubleshoot this equipment.
H.L. Baird

Apply knowledge of audio equipment for productions, including basic recording equipment, equalizers, mixing consoles and quality monitoring equipment.

Comprehend the types of microphones, pick-up patterns, and techniques required for a variety of audio presentations

Illustrate the techniques required for synchronization of an audio with video and multiple sound tracks.

Demonstrate how to troubleshoot audio-video system operations.

Media Production: Production Assistant - CTTC

Oklahoma Technology Education Pass Skills Under Development

Media Production: Production Assistant - CTTC

Instructor-created materials

Television Production Handbook, 9th Edition by Herbert Zettl, Thomson Wadsworth (2006)

VideoLab 3.0 CD-ROM by Herbert Zettl, Wadworth (2004)

Television Production by Phillip L. Harris, Goodheart-Wilcox (2006)

Additional texts and online resources to be determined
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Journalism and Broadcasting Audio & Video Production Assistant
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Journalism and Broadcasting Broadcast and Sound Engineer
Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Audio and Video Technology Cinematography and Recording Arts Production Assistant