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Trade & Industrial Education
Black & White Film Techniques
Introduces students to administrative requirements, career technical student organizations, and related industries. The student will learn the basic functions and the usage of the SLR 35MM camera, how to operate darkroom equipment, mix chemicals, develop film, and process various types of prints.
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A. Perform Photo lab Care and Maintenance Procedures.
1. Discuss the responsibilities for maintaining photography lab equipment and materials.
2. Discuss the importance of safe handling of equipment.
3. List the proper procedures for equipment check out.
4. Locate student cleanup areas, cleanup responsibilities and rotate areas according to cleanup chart.

B. Operate a 35mm SLR Camera with Accessories Complete 35mm S/LAP.
1. Discuss types of 35mm cameras and compare their uses:
a. Point and shoot
b. Range finder
c. Single lens reflex
2. Identify the various parts of a standard 35mm camera.
3. Loading 35mm film into various cameras.
4. Discuss proper handling of 35mm cameras.
5. Discuss the purposes various lenses and focal lengths:
a. Zoom
b. Telephoto
c. Wide angle
6. Mount lenses properly on camera bodies.
7. Discuss in-camera reflective metering systems.
8. Operate an in-camera metering system.
9. Discuss exposure.
10. Discuss shutter speed and aperture relationships
11. Discuss types of focusing:
a. Range finder
b. Ground glass
c. Split image
12. Photograph various projects as assigned.
13. Discuss composition, style, and critique.

C. Operate Reflective Light Meters.
1. Discuss the various types of reflective meters according to camera terminology:
a. Spot
b. Averaging
c. Center-weighted
d. Multi-segmented
2. Describe 18% grey in relationship to reflective meters and grey cards.
3. Discuss incident (hand held) metering devices.
4. Explain the relationship of aperture and shutter speed to the meter.
5. Practice metering various lighting situations.

D. Identify, Shoot, and Process Film.
1. Identify the types of black and white film and distinguish between their uses.
2. Distinguish ISO/ASA film speeds.
3. Discuss light sensitivity.
4. Discuss caring for negatives.
5. File and catalog 35mm negatives.
6. Use various films to photograph different subjects in numerous lighting situations.
7. Discuss composition, style, and critique.
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