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Trade & Industrial Education
Creative Digital Effects
The course covers color photocopy work of correctional filters with tungsten light source in the traditional style and the computer. The student will select and print images for competition and wall display.
Debbie Kirkpatrick 918-828-5031
A. Identify and Use the Kelvin Scale.
1. Discuss the Kelvin Scale.
2. Review 18% grey reflective metering and grey cards.
3. Discuss shadows and highlights.
4. Discuss appropriate exposures for white and black.
5. Analyze the various effects of lighting conditions.
6. Photograph various subjects using the Kelvin Scale.

B. Perform Photocopy Procedures and Techniques.
1. Discuss types of photocopy work.
2. Discuss copyright laws related to photocopy work.
3. Utilize digital filters.
4. Explore digital plug-ins.
5. Work with digital actions.
6. Create special effects.
7. Scan and alter photos using Photoshop and supporting software.
Dean Collins on Lighting DVD Series;

Existing Light by Kodak, Inc.

Exploring Color Photography Fourth Edition by Robert Hirsch, McGraw-Hill Publisher (2005)

Hand Coloring Photographs by James A. McKinnis, Free Enterprise Video Productions Publisher

Photoshop Simplified DVD Series by Photovision
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