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Trade & Industrial Education
Criminal Justice Work-Based Experience for Law Enforcement
This course provides students with advanced work-based learning experiences in law enforcement. Students will apply theory and skills acquired throughout their career major training in one or more of the following activities: cooperative education, enterprise, expert in residence (within classroom), internship/externship, integrated project/live work, job shadowing, senior capstone, student competitions, field trip, and/or the student personnel system. Work-Based Experience options provide additional teaching methods for the classroom by linking the student to the real-world. (Industry, workplace, experts, etc.).
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Students will learn the following objectives pertaining to law enforcement:
1. Demonstrate a professional ethical attitude.
2. Demonstrate dependability and responsibility.
3. Demonstrate tactical and safe procedures in responding to various challenges.
4. Demonstrate radio communication skills for use within law enforcement.
5. Demonstrate the ability to project empathy within the communication cycle.
6. Demonstrate the ability to follow directions.
7. Describe the necessity for ethical behavior within law enforcement.
Classroom discussion and participation, homework/written assignments, performance skill demonstrations, oral and written quizzes and tests, student projects and/or portfolios.
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