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Trade & Industrial Education
Crisis Intervention and the Emotionally Disturbed
This course introduces the student to law enforcement’s responsibilities and response to the emotionally disturbed and mentally ill. Areas of study include crisis intervention training, “The Memphis Model,” Oklahoma statute Title 43a, emergency order of detention, mental disorders encountered by law enforcement, Biological and Psychological Risk Factors, and tactics for handling the emotionally disturbed person.
Darren Gibson
Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Cluster Resources

The student will be able to describe the key concept and principles of interacting and handling the emotionally disturbed and crisis intervention steps utilized by law enforcement. This will be evidenced through the successful completion off all course assignments,

1. Define the meaning of mental illness.
2. Identify a person requiring treatment.
3. Identify risk or harm to self or others..
4. Describe the criteria for taking a person into protective custody.
5. Identify the time frame a person can be held in emergency detention.
6. Describe the Memphis model for crisis intervention.
7. Identify law enforcements responsibilities and response to emotionally disturbed persons.
8. Identify techniques used to control the emotionally raging individual

Written and Competency Based examinations.
Law enforcement facilities/agencies.
References: Various texts, articles, bulletins and other materials appropriate to course material are used as instructor references.

Text book:
• Responding to Emotionally Disturbed Persons: A Manual for Law Enforcement Personnel, Second Edition, Laurie Cyr-Martel

Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN)
• The Emotionally Raging Subject: Techniques for Physical Control
• ''Calibre Press'' Presents Roll Call: Approach of the Emotionally Disturbed Patient
• Crisis Intervention Training: Dealing With the Mentally Ill, Part 1
• The Mentally Ill Person in Crisis: Strategic Verbal Responses
• The Mentally Retarded Suspect
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