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Trade & Industrial Education
Defensive Tactics for Practical Law Enforcement
Unarmed self-defense tactics, use of various less-than-lethal weapons for defense, physical fitness training, and practical application of arrest scenarios against resisting offenders.
Angela Evans - 918-828-5116
1. Describe the various stages in the use of force continuum
2. Identify the strike and non-strike target areas for use of a baton
3. Identity the advantages and disadvantages in the use of a taser and pepper spray
4. Describe excited delirium
5. Demonstrate handcuffing a cooperative arrestee
6. Demonstrate felony prone handcuffing
7. Demonstrate escort techniques
8. Demonstrate knee and elbow strikes
9. Demonstrate proper search techniques of an arrestee
10. Demonstrate a pat down frisk of a non-arrestee
11. Describe the concept of contact cover
Classroom discussion and participation, homework/written assignments, performance skill demonstrations, oral and written quizzes and tests, student projects and/or portfolios.
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