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Trade & Industrial Education
Diesel Electrical / Electronics (NATEF aligned)
In this course, students learn about magnetism, basic electrical circuits, and schematics. They will use Ohm's Law to solve problems, test and replace defective fuses, fusible links, circuit breakers, relays and solenoids. Electrical meters will be used to check applied voltages current flow, resistance, and to find shorts and grounds. Students will perform Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) tasks on the battery system, starter system, charging system, and ignition system. They will identify oscilloscope patterns and troubleshoot electronic ignition components.
They will learn the advantages of integrated circuits over transistorized circuits and use test equipment to check continuity in electronic circuits. Students will also interface with vehicle's on-board computer and perform diagnostic procedures to determine needed repairs. This course is intended to be aligned with NATEF tasks.
John Day
National Automotive Technician Education Foundation.
A. Electrical/Electronic Systems 1. General Electrical Systems Diagnosis B. Battery Diagnosis and Repair B. Battery Diagnosis and Repair C. Starting System Diagnosis and Repair D. Charging System Diagnosis and Repair E. Lighting Systems
Diagnosis and Repair 1. Headlights, Daytime Running Lights Parking, Clearance, Tail, Cab, and Instrument Panel 2. Stoplight, Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, and Backup. F. Gauges and Warning Devices Diagnosis And Repair G. Related Electrical Systems

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