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Trade & Industrial Education
Digital Software
The student will begin to learn the software package "Adobe Photoshop" for correction of a damaged image. The student will also use scanners and other types of copy hardware increasing their knowledge and skills in the digital photography industry. Students are introduced to digital camera operation and image capture.
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A. Complete Administrative Forms and Requirements.
1. Complete forms pertaining to enrollment.
2. Discuss school, district, and class policies and procedures.
3. Discuss grading criteria.
4. Participate in a "right to know" workshop.
5. Discuss types and locations of fire extinguishers.
6. Practice safety rules in the classroom and lab.

B. Participate in SKILLS USA.
1. Form a SKILLS/ CTSO club.
2. Participate in SKILLS/ CTSO activities.
3. Complete professional development program activities.

C. Complete Orientation to Photography Technology.
1. Discuss the history of photography.
2. Explore career options in photography.
3. Discuss the elements of a good portfolio.
4. Identify the various photography work areas.
5. Discuss personal options and preferences that match career areas.
D. Use Adobe Photoshop.
1. Discuss the operation for using a computer for photo imaging.
2. Discuss and demonstrate Photoshop software system and tools.
3. Operate various software tutorials in Photoshop.
4. Scan and transfer photographs.
5. Utilize computer tools to alter images.
6. Scan images on a CD.
7. Select best images to print.
8. Complete an introduction to Photoshop®.
9. Scan and alter photos using Photoshop and supporting software.

E. Use a Digital Camera.
1. Select a digital camera.
2. Read the instruction for use of the camera.
3. Take pictures.
4. Store pictures in the camera then transfer to a CD.
5. Delete unwanted pictures.
6. Transfer pictures in Photoshop then resave.
7. Print your best image.

F. Become Familiar with Basic Digital Controls.
1. Practice choosing colors, color theory, cropping, and red eye.
2. Work with image size, resolution, canvas size, copy/paste, and layout.

G. Study the Constitution of the United States.
1. Read the Constitution of the United States.
2. Discuss key points in the Constitution of the United States.
3. Complete study questions on the Constitution of the United State
Digital 101 – An Introduction to Digital Photography by Nikon DVD

Nikon D705 Digital SLR by Nikon DVD

Photography Second Edition by Bruce Warren, Delmar Thompson Learning Publisher (2002)

Photoshop Now by Douglas Henderson

Photoshop Simplified DVD Series by Photovision

Speed of Light by Nikon DVD
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