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Trade & Industrial Education
Environmental Applications of Graphic Design
The students learn to apply the fundamentals of design and color principals to the complete environment. This Graphic Design is a course designed to prepare students to perform Graphic Design tasks under the supervision of an experienced worker. A student receives instruction in computer and operating environment, tools, measurement, math, copyright laws, photography, graphic design, desktop publishing, converting print media to the web, and employability skills.
H.L. Baird

Given the necessary equipment, materials, and instruction, the student, on completion of the prescribed course of study, will be able to successfully accomplish the following core competencies:


of the graphic design industry


performing work safety practices in the graphic Design workplace


related math and measurement

-history of printing processes and paper

graphic design

-copyright law
-basic computer hardware
-State Department of CareerTech skills standards Duty B and C.

Advertising Design: Graphic Designer - CTTC

Advertising and Design NOCTI

National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD)

American Institute of Graphic Artists

Graphic Design Solutio - Robin Landa - Thomson Delmar Learning

Making a Good Layout by Lori Siebert & Lisa Ballard, North Light Books

Dennis, Ervin A., and John D. Jenkins, Comprehensive Graphic Arts, Glencoe Publishing Company

Graphic Arts Fundamentals. Goodheart-Willcox Company

Graphic Communication Technology, Delmar Publishers

Orientation to Graphic Communications - MAVCC

Communications in the Workplace, South Western Educational Publishing

A variety of materials are available from the

Graphic Arts Technical Education (GATF)
4615 Forbes Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3796

Communications for the Workplace, South Western Educational Publishing

Practical Problems in Mathematics, Hoffman, Edward G., Delmar Publishing, Inc.

Windows XP Student Edition, by Microsoft, Custom Guide, Inc,

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