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Trade & Industrial Education
Facial Sciences: Histology, Dermatology, and Physiology of the Skin
(Hours per student are set by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology licensure guidelines.) The student will learn skin disorders, diseases, structure and functions of the skin.
Darren Gibson
Discuss the body's system (cells, tissues, organs, muscular structures, nerves, circulatory system, lymph circulation, and blood flow).

Describe the structure and composition of the skin.

Explain the importance of skin to bodily health, sensations of pressure, touch, temperature, and pain.

Explain dermatology terms related to skin condition and lesions.

Explain disorders and diseases.

Demonstrate the lifting of blackheads and whiteheads.

State Cosmetology - OSDH

Oklahoma Career Clusters - Human Services
State Cosmetologist - OSDH
Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology
Basic Operator - CIMC, 2006

Basic Esthetician - CIMC, 2007

Milady's Standard Cosmetology, 2008

Milady's Standard Comprehensive Training for Estheticians, 2007
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Human Services Personal Care Services Esthetician