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Trade & Industrial Education
Forensic Anthropology
Students will be introduced to the field of forensic anthropology. They will learn how unique characteristics can be used to identify sex, race, height, and physical health of a victim from the remains. Students will also learn about the characteristics of bones including development, number and connection.
Darren Gibson
- Describe how bone is formed.

- Distinguish between male and female skeletal remains based on skull, jaw, brow ridge, pelvis and femur.

- Describe how bones contain a record of injuries and disease.

- Describe how a person's approximate age could be determined by examining his or her bones.

- Explain the differences in facial structures among different races.

- Describe the role of mitochondrial DNA in bone identification.

State and National Forensics Guidelines
State and National Forensics Guidelines
Forensic Science: Fundamentals and Investigations by Anthony J. Bertino (South Western Cengage Learning, 2009)

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