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Trade & Industrial Education
Game Development and Design Concepts
In this course, students are introduced to the concepts and tools used to create 2D games. Students build and test interactive games that reflect the design mechanics of historical games.
H.L. Baird
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

-Visualize and implement concept art designs that conform to the artistic style of a game design proposal
-Develop the backstory, concept sketches, palette and artistic stylization of a game concept to fulfill the design document and the art direction

-Create a design document

-Develop both technical and programming skills necessary for development of basic games

-Produce a playable 2D game
-Assess the desired interaction within a game, to prepare a plan of action for the game's developmental phase

The total grade will be determined by daily grades, written exams, hands-on performance evaluations, projects, and demonstrated employability skills (i.e. attendance, self-management, attitude, responsibility, social skills, safety, teamwork, appropriate dress, etc.).


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