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Trade & Industrial Education
Game Level Design
This course introduces students to concepts and tools used to create levels for games. The course incorporates level design, environment theory, concepts of linear and non-linear game balance, low and polygon modeling, play testing and storytelling. Students build and test "modification" levels that reflect design concepts.
H.L. Baird
Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

-Develop a game concept and idea
-Identify the components of a 3D game engine
-Create a game level
-Manipulation of BPS brushes
-Create textures
-Create functioning game mod

The total grade will be determined by daily grades, written exams, hands-on performance evaluations, projects, and demonstrated employability skills (i.e. attendance, self-management, attitude, responsibility, social skills, safety, teamwork, appropriate dress, etc.)


Mastering Unreal Technology, Volume 1 for Unreal Engine 3, Sams - Pearson

Game Makers Apprentice, Apress

Teacher-developed instructional materials
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