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Trade & Industrial Education
Gemology II and Colored Stones I
This course introduces the student to colored stones and their identification. Students will learn about the birthstones, their alternates, simulants and key identifying properties. Gemological testing equipment and their uses are introduced and the student will identify gemstones. The care and handling of gemstones at the bench will be stressed.
H.L. Baird

A. Complete a course introduction.

B. Participate in visual observation.

C. Explain optical character.

D. Understand refractive index/flat readings.

E. Complete refractive index/spot readings.

F. Determine specific gravity.

G. Complete identification procedures.

H. Explain the sythesis of gemstones.

I. Understand diamond simulants.

J. Explain gemstone crystallography.

K. Describe gemstones formation.

L. Identify the causes of color.

M. Understand phenomenal gemstones.

N. Describe inclusions.

O. Identify birthstones.

P. Complete stone identification activities.

(NIMS)National Institute for Metal Working Skills-Standards

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