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Trade & Industrial Education
Intergrating Human Factors and Pilot Skills
This course covers aviation physiology and aeronautical decision making to help students improve their judgment and prepare them to be pilot-in-command of an aircraft. Unlike birds, humans are terrestrial creatures who, in order to fly, must adapt to changes in barometric pressure, variation in temperature, movement at high speed in three dimensions, etc. We are sometimes limited by such things as poor night vision, visual illusions, disorientation, motion sickness, and hypoxia, to list a few. In this course, students will be given scenarios that will force them to make decisions regarding various flight situations. As pilot-in-command, you are faced with a continuous stream of decisions during each flight, and whether you and your passengers and/or airplane arrive safely at your destination depends on the wisdom and effectiveness of your choices.
Jeff Huffman, TDL Career Cluster Team Leader, 405-743-5145,

-Students will cover aviation physiology affects.

-Students will learn how to make aeronautical decisions and pilot-in-command responsibility.

-Students will cover the cross country flight planning process.

Written test evaluation to meet the written component of the FAA Private Pilot Certification. The student may continue their hands-on application portion in either a FAR part 141 school and or a part 61 certified flight center.

-Student Pilot Certificate - FAA requirement needed to exercise solo flight privileges

-Private Pilot Ground School Certificate

-Conoco-Phillips Ground Handling Certification

-Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual

-Jeppesen Private Pilot Syllabus

-Jeppesen Private Pilot Maneuvers
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