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Trade & Industrial Education
Introduction to Algebra and Trigonometry for Construction
In this course students will review basic math principles as well as learn mathematics necessary for estimating cost, materials and time using algebra and trigonometry functions.
Susan Arn
(405) 605-2233
Bryan Kropfinger
(405) 605-2329
• Compute simple percent and percentage
• Compute interest
• Determine discounts
• Compute linear, square and volume measurements
• Use exponents in formulas
• Use square root to find sides of right triangles
• Apply algebraic laws and operations including exponents, equations, proportions and variations
• Apply a wide variety of problem-solving strategies to solve problems from within and outside mathematics
• Identify the problem from a described situation, determine the necessary data and apply appropriate problem-solving strategies
• Use mathematical language and symbols to read and write mathematics and to converse with others
• Use various types of logical reasoning in mathematical contexts and real-world situations
• Link mathematical ideas to the real world
• Apply mathematical problem-solving skills to other disciplines
• Use mathematics to solve problems encountered in daily life
• Use a construction and/or scientific calculator
• Solve one- and two-step equations
• Solve basic right triangle trigonometry functions
• Use trigonometric ratios to find angle measures in right triangles and to solve real-world problems
• Use the Law of Sines to solve triangle problems
• Identify parts of right triangle using the Pythagorean theory
• Solve rational equations
Practical Problems in Mathematics for Carpenters, 8th Edition, Huth & Huth, Thomson Delmar Learning, 2006

Algebra & Trigonometry Super Review, Research & Education Association
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