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Trade & Industrial Education
Introduction to CAD
This course is for the development of skills for file management and use of technology to support effective organizational skills within occupational work flow and processes.
Larry Bullock
Demonstrate knowledge of operations and concepts in the organizing and management of documents and drawings. The student will make informed choices among technology systems, resources, and services.
Demonstrate knowledge of the technology productivity tool.
Demonstrate knowledge of technology communications tools.
Demonstrate knowledge of technology research tools.
Demonstrate knowledge of technology problem-solving and decision-making tools.

Career Cluster Resources for Manufacturing
IC3 (Certiport)

Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Fundamentals - CTTTC
IC3 (Certiport)

Industry Alignments
Certiport IC3
Ambrose, Bergerud, Busche, Morrison, & Wells-Pusins. Computer Literacy Basics, Course Technology, 2005.
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Ambrose, Bergerud, Busche, Morrison, Wells-Pusins. Computer Literacy Basics, Thompson, 2005, ISBN 0-619-24383-X
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Architecture & Construction Design/Pre-Construction CAD Architectural Design Specialist
Architecture & Construction Design/Pre-Construction CAD Design Engineering Specialist