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Trade & Industrial Education
Introduction to Law Enforcement
Students in this course will discuss the philosophy of law enforcement along with the powers and limitations of the law enforcement officer. The historical background, agencies and processes, purposes, functions, administration and technical problems of the criminal justice system will be explored. Students will study city,county, state and federal law enforcement systems.
Darren Gibson
Provide a brief history of law enforcement in America
Identify the differences between individual rights and public-order perspectives
Explain the structure and processes of the American criminal justice system
Define the powers and limitations of the law enforcement officer
Identify various law enforcement agencies and their basic responsibilities
Describe ethical, administrative and technical challenges of the criminal justice field
Criminal Justice Today, Schmalleger, Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2009
Command & Control Training for Corrections and Law Enforcement Professionals
Law Enforcement Training Network
Teacher-developed materials
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