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Trade & Industrial Education
Irrigation Systems
This course is an optional self-paced study unit offered to the students. Upon completion of this unit, the student will gain a general overview of the various types of irrigation and the related equipment involved. This unit will require off-campus technical observations and practical application.
John Day
Valves and Conveyance Systems, Power Sources & Pumps, Self Propelled Systems
John Deere, International Harvester, and Procedure Standards for Industrial Certification of Farm Repair.
Agricultural Education I - CIMC

Introduction to Agricultural Safety - CIMC

Agricultural Power and Technology: Welding - CIMC

Power Products Equipment Technician: Engine Systems and Service - MAVCC

Supplemental VHS and DVDs - CIMC

John Deere. Hydraulic Principles. 0-86691-141-3

John Deere. Engines. 0-86691-137-5

John Deere. Electrical Systems. 0-86691-126-6

Jacobs, Clinton; Harrell, Williams. Agricultural/Power and Machinery. 0-07-032210-4, McGraw/Hill

Jacobs, Clinton; Harrell, Williams. Agricultural/Power and Machinery Activity Guide. McGraw/Hill

Bill Toboldt. Diesel; Fundamental, Service, Repair. 0-87006-424-X. Goodheart-Willcox Co. Inc.

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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Agricultural Power, Structures and Technology Agricultural & Machinery Repair Technician (T&I)