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Trade & Industrial Education
Oklahoma Jail Standards
This course is an overview of the Oklahoma Jail Standards: Chapter 670 and prepares students to take the Oklahoma Department of Health jail certification examination required for corrections officers.
Darren Gibson
Introduction to Detention Services
List the basic standards for lockup facilities
Discuss admission and release procedures
List information required for an intake form
Discuss security and control policies and procedures
Describe appropriate techniques for supervision of prisoners
Discuss facility rules for discipline
Complete a disciplinary report
List criteria for segregation and classification of prisoners
Describe safety, sanitary and hygiene standards
List food services and dietary requirements
Describe adequate medical care and health services
Discuss procedures for mail and visitation
Outline requirements for training and staff development
Describe arrangement and minimum requirements of the physical plant
Jail Certification issued by the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Jail Inspection Division
Title 310. Oklahoma State Department of Health, Chapter 670. Jail Standards
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Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Correction Services Detention Officer