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Course Information
Trade & Industrial Education
Orientation and Safety
This course provides an orientation to the Tech Center policies and procedures, classroom procedures and Skills USA activities. Students acquire basic safety skills including OSHA requirements, MSDS data and fire extinguisher knowledge and utilization.
Linda Hubbard
Central Tech
918-352-2551, ext. 286
Complete campus and Service Careers Program tour and Skills USA orientation. Demonstrate knowledge of student handbook.
Demonstrate basic first-aid procedures for injuries and illnesses
Analyze safety hazards in the home
Define guidelines for preventing kitchen accidents
Choose appropriate first aid treatments for kitchen accidents
Use proper lifting and carrying procedures
Distinguish between types of fires and proper extinguishing methods
Demonstrate how to use a fire blanket and fire extinguisher
Identify emergency procedures – exiting/traffic flow; electrical, gas, water, and sprinkler systems; Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); blood-borne pathogens
Use proper MSDS procedures
Use proper blood-borne pathogens procedures
End of course competency exam
Tech Center rules and regulations
Applicable OSHA and MSDS regulations
Text(s): Student Handbook, CIMC Material, Safety Manual, Skills USA Booklet
References: CIMC- Service Careers, CIMC – VICA, CIMC – Safety on the Job, CIMC – Occupational Orientation
Materials: Videos – Service Careers, VICA, Go for It, Skill Fairs, Safety Videos, MSDS Sheets
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