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Trade & Industrial Education
Prison Gangs
In this course students learn the issues and procedures involved in gang supervision in a corrections setting.
Darren Gibson
Introduction to Detention Services
Oklahoma Jail Standards
Define gangs and sets
Explain the differences between groups and gangs
List reasons for joining gangs
List reasons why gangs form in prisons and jails
Discuss the similarities and differences between street gangs and prison gangs
Discuss influences on the growth of gangs in correctional institutions
Identify early warning signs of gang activity in a correctional facility
Describe how to identify gang members
Describe the structure of gangs
List the different types of gangs
Discuss gang management strategies
Describe how to discourage gang activities
Command & Control, Training for Corrections and Law Enforcement Professionals, Magnetic North Education and Training
Law Enforcement Training Network online resources
Teacher-developed materials
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Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Correction Services Detention Officer