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Trade & Industrial Education
Prisoner Detention
Prisoner Detention is a study of the theory and basic knowledge required to perform as an entry level Jailer and introduces the student to Title 310. Oklahoma State Department of Health Chapter 670. Jail Standards. Areas of study include security procedures, supervision of prisoners, report writing and documentation, prisoner rules and regulations, grievance and disciplinary procedures, rights and responsibilities of inmates, and emergency procedures.
Darren Gibson
Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET)

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security Career Cluster Resources

1. Define jail facility
2. Identify the meaning of prisoner
3. Identify various standards for a lock-up facility.
4. Describe a “pat-down.”
5. Identify the requirements for prisoner supervision.
6. Identify the requirement of a log book or computer log for prisoners admitted to a facility.
7. Identify for which individuals an intake form is required for admittance to the facility.
8. Describe when a prisoner check is performed.
9. Identify when physical force may be used by staff against a prisoner.
10. Identify when and for how long restraint devices may be used against a prisoner.
11. Describe various methods used to supervise prisoners.
12. Describe the requirements for the housing of male and female prisoners.

Written and Competency Based examinations.
Law enforcement facilities/agencies.
References: TITLE 310. OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CHAPTER 670. JAIL STANDARDS and various texts, articles, bulletins and other materials appropriate to course material are used as instructor references.

Text book:
• Criminal Justice Today 10th Edition

Multimedia: Law Enforcement Training Network (LETN)
• Corrections Digest: Suicide Response and Intervention
• Corrections Digest: Medical Emergency
• Corrections Digest: Tuberculosis in Corrections
• Corrections Digest: Control
• Corrections Digest: Cross-Gender Supervision and Jail Crisis Response
• Corrections Digest: Inmate/Cell Searches and Jail Escapes
• Corrections Digest: Avoiding Jail Related Civil Suits
• Corrections Digest: Jail Suicides and Close Quarter Assaults
• Corrections Digest: Gangs and Jail Recreation
• Corrections Digest: Booking and Intake - Local Lock-Up
• Corrections Digest: Inmates - It's the Law
• Corrections Digest: Prisoner Transport
• Corrections Digest: Prisoner Escort
• Corrections Digest: Con Games in Jail/Prisoner Transport
• Corrections Digest: Integrity in the Workplace, Part 1
• Corrections Digest: Integrity in the Workplace, Part 2
• Corrections Digest: Corruption Continuum
• Corrections Digest: Women Behind Bars, Part 1 - ''Rehabilitation or Retribution?''
• Corrections Digest: Women Behind Bars, Part 2 - ''Rehabilitation or Retribution?''
• Corrections Digest: Hard Time - Teens in Maximum Security Prison
• Corrections Digest: Kids Behind Bars
• Corrections Digest: Diverting the Mentally Ill from Jail
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