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Trade & Industrial Education
Studio Production (Arts)
This course teaches students production techniques used in the studio. Students learn the basic equipment used in the studio and how to utilize and maintain this equipment. Proper studio production techniques for a variety of shoot types are emphasized. Students also learn the roles and responsibilities of all crew positions in the studio.
H.L. Baird

Demonstrate knowledge of concepts related to studio production.

Understand and practice safety related to studio production.

Examine set design.

Demonstrate proper studio production techniques for different shooting scenarios.

Understand the duties and responsibilities of personnel involved in studio production.

Instructor-created materials

Television Production Handbook, 9th Edition by Herbert Zettl, Thomson Wadsworth (2006)

VideoLab 3.0 CD-ROM by Herbert Zettl, Wadsworth (2004)

Television Production by Phillip L. Harris, Goodheart-Wilcox (2006)

Additional texts and online resources to be determined
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Arts, A/V Technology & Communications Journalism and Broadcasting Audio & Video Production Assistant