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Trade & Industrial Education
Technical Investigations
In this course students study the legal and technical procedures required to gain the evidence necessary to prove the elements of crimes as defined by Title 21, Oklahoma State Statutes. The course includes the search, collection and preservation of evidence, witness and victim interviewing, preparation of reports, crime scene records, standard crime scene photography and virtual crime scene photography. Through laboratory and practical application, students learn fingerprint analysis and chemical development of trace evidence.
Darren Gibson
Health-care Provider CPR and First Aid
Introduction to Law Enforcement
Identify the legal and technical requirements for searching, detecting, collecting and preserving evidence
Describe the principles of criminal investigation
Identify various investigative techniques
Describe various investigative strategies
Demonstrate appropriate investigative techniques
Demonstrate proficiency in interviewing, note taking and report writing
Demonstrate proficiency in collection of evidence
Process a crime scene to industry standards
Law Enforcement Training Network online resources
Teacher-developed materials
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