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Trade & Industrial Education
Tillage and Plant Equipment
Upon completion of this unit, the student will gain a background into the various types of tillage and planting equipment commonly used in agriculture. Additionally, this unit will provide theory into the basic theory and usage of various types of this equipment.
John Day
Diagnose, Repair and Replace Components dealing with Drills & Row Unit Planters, Tillage Equipment, Spray Equipment
John Deere, International Harvester, and Procedure Standards for Industrial Certification of Farm Repair.

Agricultural Education I - CIMC

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John Deere. Hydraulic Principles. 0-86691-141-3

John Deere. Engines. 0-86691-137-5

John Deere. Electrical Systems. 0-86691-126-6

Jacobs, Clinton; Harrell, Williams. Agricultural/Power and Machinery. 0-07-032210-4, McGraw/Hill

Jacobs, Clinton; Harrell, Williams. Agricultural/Power and Machinery Activity Guide. McGraw/Hill

Bill Toboldt. Diesel; Fundamental, Service, Repair. 0-87006-424-X. Goodheart-Willcox Co. Inc.

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