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Trade & Industrial Education
Watercraft Technician Preventative Maintenance
This course provides students with supportive background and theoretical information to develop effective skills for maintaining modern watercraft. The course is rich in hands-on activities associated with daily maintenance tasks in the watercraft shop such as diagnosing internal engine condition without teardown, servicing and adjusting drive systems, fuel delivery system service, oil changes, tune-ups, new unit setup, and storage techniques.
John Day
-Perform preventative maintenance for watercraft
-Troubleshoot a no-start engine complaint and diagnose need
-Inspect and service drive system
-Inspect brake wear and operation
-Inspect electrical components
-Inspect and adjust carburetor
-Change engine oil, filter and service all fluids
-Remove, lubricate, and replace control cables
-Uncrate a new watercraft and prepare it for assembly
-Assemble new watercraft
-Prepare a new watercraft for delivery
-Detail a watercraft

End of course competency exam

Motorcycle Fundamentals Service and Repair
ISBN# 1-56637-4-479-0

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