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Trade & Industrial Education
Workforce Transition III
This course is the third 10-week rotation for the Project SEARCH intern. During this job assignment, the intern works closely with the assigned job coach to learn the job that has been identified. The ultimate goal for this rotation is for the intern to successfully complete all job assignments on a daily basis with little or no help from the job coach.

Prior to beginning this job assignment, the job coach and/or Project SEARCH instructor will meet with the department supervisor, identify a set of duties the intern will learn, complete a thorough task analysis of the job and identify and develop any accommodations that will be necessary for the intern to be successful during this rotation.
Denise North
Independent Living for Service Careers
Workforce Transition I
Workforce Transition II
Knowledge and skills for this course are determined by the specific job assignment.
Continual assessment by the job coach
Evaluations from the department supervisor
Daily in-class discussions with job coaches and the Project SEARCH instructor
The skills learned in this career major are designed to align with real-world, competitive employment jobs that the intern will apply for either at the host business or with another organization.
• SkillsUSA Professional Development Program, Levels 1-5
• AGS English for the World of Work
• AGS Consumer Mathematics
• AGS Everyday Life, Skills
• Detailed task analysis prepared by the Project SEARCH instructor or the assigned job coach
• Instructor-created learning materials
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