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Trade & Industrial Education
History of Aviation
This course serves as an introduction to the history of aviation and aeronautics. It will cover significant events and people throughout aviation history from the first powered flight through present day developments and a brief look into the future. This course examines the impact of aviation on recreation, transportation, warfare, and exploration. or
Upon the completion of this students will be able to:
• Outline the early attempts of flight including designs and concepts of ancient civilizations such
as China and Greece.
• State the role and contributions of various individuals in the design, development and
production of early aircraft designs.
• Identify major mileposts in the development of power flight.
• Identify pioneers in the field of aviation.
• Outline the role of aviation in different theaters of conflict by the U.S. military beginning with the
Civil War through and including Iraqi Freedom.
• Identify and explain the various U.S. and international government agencies involved in
aerospace development, regulation, and oversight.
• Identify and explain the roles of various aerospace companies from the early years of aviation
through today.
• Outline governmental involvement with the aviation industry from establishing the postal
routes, safety regulation, and airline subsidies through deregulation of the airline industry.
• Identify advancements that have occurred through the direct use of aircraft.
• Identify advancements in various fields that have been made possible by aircraft.
• Identify contributions to aviation by women, minorities and other cultures.
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