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Business and Information Technology Education
Database Concepts Using ACCESS
This course is an introduction to relational database management systems utilizing ACCESS. During this course students will use a relational database management system to create and maintain a database utilizing Microsoft ACCESS. ACCESS allows students to create a database; add, change and delete data in the database; sort data in the database; retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports using the data in the database. Successfully completion of this course will require students to demonstrate the following functions in ACCESS: fulcreate filters, sorts, queries, forms, and reports.
Aisha Ali @ or 405-364-5763, x7339
CompTIA – IC3 Certification or Fundamentals of Technology Course
□ Create and use a database, query a database using the Select Query, and maintain a database using the Design and Update features of Access.
□ Maintain a Database Using the Design and Update Features of Access
□ Demonstrate the use of integration by coverting data from toehr applications to Access
□ Reports, Forms, and Combo Boxes, , enhancing forms with OLE fields, hyperlinks, and subforms
□ Multi-Table* Forms with OLE Fields, Hyperlinks and Subforms
□ Using Macros, Switchboards, PivotTables, and PivotCharts
□ Advanced Report Techniques
Projects, tests, & quizzes
MOS certified applications specialist using Microsoft Office ACCESS
Text: Microsoft Office Access 2007: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques
ISBN-10: 1418843415 ISBN-13: 978-1418843410
Online Companion:
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