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Trade & Industrial Education
Advanced Digital File Output
Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to scan and understand digital image capture, digital file preparation, digital file output, digital-based printing and wide-format printing.
H.L. Baird
• Research copyright law in relation to scanned materials
• Examine scanning hardware and software available in your classroom
• Identify scanner and scan settings
• Examine image-editing software manual for basic operations
• Scan line art
• Scan a continuous tone image
• Use image-editing software to touch up and prepare line art to scan for print
• Use image-editing software to touch up and prepare continuous tone scan for print
• Calibrate and assess a desktop scanner
• Scan a continuous tone color original
• Convert a continuous tone color scan to grayscale
• Perform basic color connection
• Use image-editing software to perform basic image cloning
• Calibrate a color monitor
• Place scanned graphics/photos in page-layout document
• Scan text using OCR software
• Capture an image with a digital camera and download to the computer
• Proofread a document
• Determine specifications for a newsletter
• Determine specifications for a multi-page document
• Research solutions to digital file preparation problems
• Stack graphics and text
• Convert bitmap art to vector art
• Edit clip art
• Produce a newsletter
• Produce a multi-page document
• Produce customer-specified document
• Create a PDF for output to a digital device
• Use a file compression utility for file transfer or storage
• Transfer files using FTP and e-mail
• Back up files
• Research color management
• Describe the purposes of SWOP and GRACoL
• Research proofing systems
• Observe computer-to-plate operations at a commercial printer
• Set GCR in Adobe Photoshop
• Perform color management
• Preflight a file
• Correct an unneeded knockout
• Create a folding dummy
• Use imposition or page-layout software to impose a document
• Create single color layout using work-and-turn and work-and-tumble
• Preflight a PDF
• Research digital imaging
• Research file extensions and their uses
• Demonstrate proper paper handling on a digital press
• Send a job to the RIP
• Release a job from the RIP
• Execute a print job on a digital press
• Output and perfect bind a book
• Output a document utilizing variable data
• Print two-sided (head-to-head) black digital image
• Print black digital image on coated paper
• Print and staple a one-sided, multi-page black digital image
• Print a two-sided color digital image
• Print, fold, and saddle stitch an eight-page color digital image
• Perform preventive maintenance on a digital press
• Examine wide-format printers and software available in your classroom
• Examine ink and media available in your classroom for wide-format printing
• Select appropriate media and ink for wide-format printing jobs
• Construct a calendar
• Set up a multiple up poster imposition
• Load paper onto a wide-format printer
• Check media and ink setup for a wide-format printer and align media path
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