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Business and Information Technology Education
Advanced Career Major Capstone
Advanced internships, project-based instruction and additional industry certifications will be utilized in this course to reinforce skills obtained within any Business, Marketing, and Information Technology Career Major. Students will make final preparations for industry certifications as they master outlined competencies. Students will select from various project options to finalize portfolios that highlight skills and certifications. Students may also undertake special projects, cross-train, or participate in workplace learning opportunities to enhance skills in accordance with industry demands. Content and specific application of skill development will be driven on an individual basis according to the respective occupation, career major and/or pathway. Definition of a specific learner's content is reflected within an Individual Plan of Study.
Tonja Bell, (405) 743-5426,
Karen Sneary, (405) 743-5473,
Dustin Devers, (405) 743-5117,
Jaclyn Arnold, (405) 743-5419,
Completion of another Career Major and at least one course within a different career major in which the student is currently enrolled.
Students should build upon the skills they gained from their first career major capstone and integrate coursework, knowledge, skills and experiential learning to enable them to demonstrate a broad mastery of learning across the curriculum for a promise of initial employability and further career advancement.

In order to achieve this goal, a wide variety of skills might be focused upon which will allow the student to demonstrate the level of achievement reached with regard to key areas of learning. They are the skills a student masters throughout his or her learning and through which he or she communicates attainment of the career major goals. They are: "critical thinking, and problem solving strategies, effective writing, effective oral communication, quantitative analysis, computer literacy, library competency, and visual communication.

If a project is selected for the capstone experience, three major guidelines should be followed. First, the student should believe that there is a substantial need for the project. Second, the project must be approachable through recognized, applicable knowledge and skills. Third, the project must be feasible within the time limits of the course.

The capstone course is designed to help the student achieve the following outcomes:

enable students to work independently;

enhance students' skills in written, spoken, and visual communication;

makes available a variety of quality experiential learning opportunities, on and off campus, which provide a basis for professional expertise and identity;

provide the means for student acquisition of management abilities and acuity pertaining to their specific profession;

enable students to evaluate and process learning: find similarities, draw distinctions, synthesize concepts, be flexible, and create new ideas;

enable students to develop an informed sense of design and production and to use a variety of forms of communication effectively.
No tests required for this course. It is used to demonstrate mastery in the field through the pursuit of advanced certifications, complete advanced projects with limited supervision, and/or used for an OJT (on the job training) component.
-Fulfillment of requirements for Career Major Pathway.
-Live work and/or internship in accordance with industry demands.
-Completion of portfolio.
-The Five Minute Freelance Guide —; e-Moonlighter;
-Break into the Game Industry, ISBN 0-07-222660-9
-ACE the IT Job Interview! ISBN 0-07-222581-5
-ACE the IT Resume! ISBN 0-07-219403-0
-Designing Creative Resumes, ISBN 1-56-52-605-X
-Designing a Digital Portfolio, ISBN 0-7357-1394-4
-Marketing your Creative Portfolio, ISBN 0-13-097733-0
-Designing Creative Portfolios, ISBN 1-56-52-113-0
-Resumes, Cover Letters, & Interviewing, Eischen & Eischen, South-Western, 2000
-Effective Resumes and Job Applications, Schrank, The Learning Seed, 2000
-Interview Tips from a Recruiter, Linx Educational Publishing, Inc., 2001
-Getting a Job Process Kit, Zedlitz, South-Western Publishing, 1998
-Numerous Technical Manuals, Certification Prep Resources
- (Adobe showcase gallery for samples)
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