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Business and Information Technology Education
Business and Computer Technology
This course will provide the basis for preparing students for Business and IT positions through hands-on and project-based learning, textbook assignments, and Internet research. It is a core course for students who want to obtain basic literacy to understand key computer concepts, applications, and the internet. The course provides a foundation for achieving application-specific computer certifications. (This course can be substituted with Fundamentals of Technology; however it is only counts as a 1/2 credit towards Oklahoma Promise (OHLAP)).
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Karen Sneary, (405) 743-5473,
Dustin Devers, (405) 743-5117,
Jaclyn Arnold, (405) 743-5419,
Duty A: Identify Types of Computers, How They Process Information, and How Individual Computers Interact With Other Computing Systems and Devices
Duty B: Identify the Function of Computer Hardware Components
Duty C: Identify the Factors That Go Into an Organizational Decision on How to Purchase Computer Equipment
Duty D: Identify How to Maintain Computer Equipment and Solve Common Problems Relating to Computer Hardware
Duty E: Identify How Software and Hardware Work Together to Perform Computing Tasks, and How Software is Developed and Upgraded
Duty F: Identify Different Types of Software, General Concepts Relating to Software Categories, and the Tasks to Which Each Type of Software is Most Suited or Not Suited
Duty G: Identify What an Operating System Is and How It Works, and Solve Common Problems Related to Operating Systems
Duty H: Manipulate and Control the Windows Desktop, Files, and Disks
Duty I: Identify How to Change System Settings, Install, and Remove Software
Duty J: Be Able to Start and Exit a Windows Application, and Utilize Sources of Online Help
Duty K: Identify Common On-Screen Elements of Windows Applications, Change Application Settings, and Manage Files Within an Application
Duty L: Perform Common Editing and Formatting Functions
Duty M: Perform Common Printing Functions
Duty N: Be Able to Format Text and Documents Including the Ability to Use Automatic Formatting Tools
Duty O: Be Able to Insert, Edit, and Format Tables in a Document
Duty P: Be Able to Modify Worksheet Data and Structure, and Format Data in a Worksheet
Duty Q: Be Able to Sort Data, Manipulate Data Using Formulas and Functions, and Add and Modify Charts in a Worksheet
Duty R: Be Able to Perform Basic Database Operations
Duty S: Demonstrate Knowledge of Graphics Software
Duty T: Be Able to Create and Format Simple Presentations
Duty U: Identify Network Fundamentals, and the Benefits and Risks of Network Computing
Duty V: Identify the Relationship Between Computer Networks, Other Communications Networks (Like the Telephone Network), and the Internet
Duty W: Identify How Electronic Mail Works
Duty X: Identify How to Use an Electronic Mail Application
Duty Y: Identify the Appropriate Use of E-mail, and E-mail Related “Netiquette”
Duty Z: Identify Different Types of Information Sources on the Internet
Duty AA: Be Able to Use a Web Browsing Application
Duty BB: Be Able to Search the Internet for Information
Duty CC: Identify How Computers Are Used in Different Areas of Work, School, and Home
Duty DD: Identify the Risks of Using Computer Hardware and Software
Duty EE: Identify How to Use Computers and the Internet Safely, Legally, Ethically, and Responsibly
Duty FF: Demonstrate Professional Customer Service Skills
Duty GG: Apply Communication Strategies Necessary and Appropriate for Effective Business Relations
Duty HH: Demonstrate Basic Academic Skills for Employees in Business
Duty II: Use the Principles of Planning, Management, and Organization
Duty JJ: Demonstrate Knowledge of Leadership
Duty KK: Complete an Employment Process

Career Cluster Resources for Business, Management, and Administration
(Select from the following)

IC3 - Certiport

ODCTE: Business and Computer Tech (OD30901)

Brainbench (select one):
- Computer Fundamentals
- Computer Literacy
IC3 (Certiport) -

Assessment of Skills and Knowledge for Business Institute -


Brainbench -
-Computer Literacy BASICS: A Comprehensive Guide to IC3 by Connie Morrison, Dolores Wells & Lisa Ruffolo.
-Our Digital World: Introduction to Computing, Paradigm Publishing.
-Practical PC, Parsons & Oja, Course Technology.

Online: (ODCTE Online Community - Fundamentals of Technology course developed for teachers to copy and use).
Teknimedia, Online Learning Portal.

Career Unit:
Career Ready 101/KeyTrain, Online Curriculum.
The Job Hunting Handbook, Dahlstrom.

Computer Parts:

Windows 8:
Microsoft Windows 8 Introductory, Shelly Cashman Series, Steven Freund, Raymond E. Enger, Corinne Hoisington, Course Technology, Cengage Learning 2014.

Microsoft Office:
A Guide to Microsoft Office 2013, Lawrenceville Press, Paradigm.
Microsoft Office 2013: Introductory, Shelly Cashman Series, Misty E. Vermaat, Corinne Hoisington. Cengage Learning, 2014.
Microsoft Office 2010: Introductory, Cengage Learning
Microsoft Office 2010: Advanced, Cengage Learning
Microsoft Office 2007: Introductory Concepts and Techniques, Shelly Cashman

Technology Tutorials:

Pod Casting/ VodCasting:






Google Docs resources:

Business Communications:
Business Communications, Thomas Means, Cengage Learning

Gregg Reference Manual, McGraw-Hill
Your Attitude Counts, Neild B. Oldham, EMC/Paradigm, 1990
The Public Domain: How to Find & Use Copyright-Free Writings, Music, Art & More, Stephen Fishman

ctYou BMITE Teacher Resources:

Career Cluster Resources for Information Technology -
Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Information Technology Network Systems LAN/WAN Specialist
Information Technology Network Systems Network Server Administrator