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Business and Information Technology Education
Business Communications
This Business Communications course delivers knowledge of communicating in the workplace. The student learns the skills necessary to communicate effectively with coworkers at all levels and with external business contacts.
Jaclyn Arnold
(405) 743-5419
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
Communications and Interpersonal Skills:
-Define and utilize concepts, strategies, and systems needed to interact effectively with others

Fundamentals of Communication:
-Explain the nature of effective communications
-Apply effective listening skills
-Use proper grammar and vocabulary
-Reinforce service orientation through communication
-Explain the nature of effective verbal communications
-Address people properly
-Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner
-Make oral presentations
-Explain the nature of written communications
-Write business letters
-Write informational messages
-Write inquiries
-Write persuasive messages
-Prepare simple written reports
-Prepare complex written report
-Use communication technologies/systems (e.g., e-mail, faxes, voice mail, cell phones, etc.)

Staff Communications:
-Follow directions
-Explain the nature of staff communication
-Give directions for completing job tasks
-Conduct staff meetings
-Ethics in Communication
-Respect the privacy of others
-Explain ethical considerations in providing information

Group Working Relationships:
-Treat others fairly at work
-Develop cultural sensitivity
-Foster positive working relationships
-Participate as a team member

Dealing with Conflict:
-Demonstrate self-control
-Show empathy for others
-Use appropriate assertiveness
-Demonstrate negotiation skills
-Handle difficult customers/clients
-Interpret business policies to customers/clients
-Handle customer/client complaints
-Explain the nature of organizational change
-Describe the nature of organizational conflict
-Explain the nature of stress management

Telephone Etiquette:
-Answering phones
-Equipment and terminology
-Handling the call
-Telephone equipment
-Listening Skills

Listening skills:
-Business Communications
-Electronic communication
-Employment communication

-Nonverbal communication
-Verbal communication
-Written communication

Interpersonal Communications:
-Active listening
-For job applicants

-On The Job
-Etiquette and protocol
-Legal issues
-Non-verbal communication
Brainbench Tests (All Required):
-Telephone Etiquette
-Listening Skills
-Business Communication
-Interpersonal Communication
Business Communication: Process and Product, Cengage Learning.
Career Ready 101/KeyTrain,
Essentials of Business Communication, Cengage Learning.
New Perspectives: Portfolio Projects for Business Communication, Carol M. Cram, Cengage Learning.

Business Management and Administration Career Cluster: Resources by Subject:

Interactive Tools:
MindTap Business Communication, Cengage Learning

Business Communication Skills Training Videos,

Career Majors That Sequence This Course
Career Cluster Pathway Career Major
Business Management & Administration Administrative Support Executive Administrative Assistant I
Business Management & Administration Administrative Support Project Administrative Assistant
Business Management & Administration Business Information Management Project Coordinator
Business Management & Administration Business Information Management Project Manager
Marketing, Sales & Service Marketing Management and Entrepreneurship Small Business Owner
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations Warehouse Distribution/Logistics Technology Specialist