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Business and Information Technology Education
Collaboration in Problem Based Learning
In this course, students will learn to work in collaborative teams, use critical thinking skills, communicate effectively and develop projects based on industry identified needs. Students will experience both professional and personal growth, as they work with industry partners and recognize the value of community service.
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Tonja Bell
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Jaclyn Arnold
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Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
• Understand the value of working in a team environment.
• Work effectively with others to reach consensus on common goals.
• Demonstrate the use of critical thinking skills, both collaboratively and interdependently, for solving problems in the team environment.
• Identify and practice the ethical use of resources.
• Acquire technical skills independently through participation in hands-on training.
• Develop the skills to provide tangible results to real world problems using current technology.
• Demonstrate or use appropriate technology as a tool in providing solutions to problem-based projects.
• Document the progress of the project from inception to implementation.
• Build a project timeline/calendar.
• Provide evidence of communication throughout the project (images, letters, thank you notes, drafts, emails, press releases, etc.)
• Demonstrate the ability to organize pertinent information in an appropriate format.
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate thoughts, ideas, or facts in clear and concise manner.
• Present the completed project and identify the technology utilized within a project to the client.
• Perform self and/or peer evaluation at the end of the project implementation phase.
• Recognize the value of community service toward personal and professional development
K-12 Service Learning Standards (can create a rubric as a form of assessment)

Industry assigned projects and evaluations

Brainbench Tests:
-Change Management
-Diversity Awareness
-Managing People
-Presentation Skills
-Problem Solving Quantitative or Qualitative
-Workplace Fundamentals

Exams in the Building Everyday Leadership in all Teens

Work-based experience
Recommended Resources:
The Complete Guide to Service Learning:

Building Everyday Leadership in All Teens: Requires Student book: Everyday Leadership

Coursework in the EAST curriculum:

Additional Resources:
Industry/instructor-developed projects.
Digital Tutors.
Ted Talks.
ESRI Online Classes.
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