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Business and Information Technology Education
Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
Students will acquire skills related to communicating through visual design with the primary emphasis of this course being desktop publishing and working with graphics.
Tonja Bell
Fundamentals of Technology or Business and Computer Technology
Demonstrate knowledge of career development/progression patterns in the IT industry.

Compose multi-paragraph writing clearly, succinctly, and accurately to write documents.

Use description of audience and purpose to prepare written documents.

Use computer skills to design and develop written and supporting material.

Use desktop publishing software to develop brochures, handouts, charts, graphs, newsletters, and/or reports.

Use presentation software to prepare visual support materials.

Format written documents with correct font and layout for easy reading.

Use proper organization and structure to achieve coherence of major points.

Identify and prepare support materials to accompany oral presentation.

Demonstrate knowledge of design principles.

Demonstrate knowledge of the nature of color and color harmonies.

Demonstrate knowledge of the principles and elements of design and their relationship to each other.

Search for information and resources.

Format text using advanced formatting functions.

Enhance publications using different fonts, styles, attributes, justification, etc.

Prepare presentations for training, sales and in formation sharing.

Create computer presentation and handouts in accordance with basic principles of graphics design and visual communication.

Demonstrate proficiency in the use of digital imaging techniques and equipment.

Synthesize available interactive media technologies into a unified presentation.

Demonstrate advanced knowledge of available graphics software programs to create and manipulate images.

Apply principles and elements of color design.

Apply color theory to select appropriate colors.

Create and/or implement the look and feel of the product.

Create graphical images.

Apply knowledge of typography.

Alter digitized images using an image manipulation program.

Evaluate visual appeal.

Produce or acquire graphics content.

Apply knowledge of the processes required for the production of various printed products.

Demonstrate preparation of customer materials for imaging.

Apply knowledge of basic printing processes.
Adobe Certified Expert (select one):
- Adobe InDesign
- Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Certified Associate: Print & Digital Media Publications with Adobe InDesign

Brainbench (select one):
- Adobe InDesign
- Quark XPress
Adobe -

ODCTE - Advertising Design: Graphic Designer -

Brainbench -
Adobe InDesign Creative Cloud Revealed, 1st Edition, Chris Botello Tabor Academy, Marion, Massachusetts, © 2015

Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production:
Adobe Education Exchange:

InDesign Web Resources:
Digital Publishing 101:

Acrobat Web Resources:

Book Publishers:
-Cengage Learning:
-Peach Pit
-Adobe Press:

ctYou BMITE Teacher Resources:

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Information Technology Web and Digital Communications Desktop Publisher/Graphic Designer
Information Technology Web and Digital Communications Graphic Design Specialist
Information Technology Web and Digital Communications Multimedia Design
Information Technology Web and Digital Communications Multimedia Specialist
Business Management & Administration Administrative Support Office Information Specialist