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Business and Information Technology Education
Fundamentals of Web Design
Students will acquire fundamental web authoring skills and design strategies through the application of XHTML incorporating Cascading Style Sheets and future trends in web programming/scripting. Once XHTML foundation skills are achieved, students will utilize a WYSIWYG editor and/or a graphics application package to produce standards based web sites. (This course can be substituted with Web Authoring Languages. This course can be substituted for Design Tools and Electronic Marketing in the animation career majors).
Tonja Bell
Fundamentals of Technology OR Business and Computer Technology
Explain and implement web design concepts, including page layout, font and color selection, graphic images, copyright and ethics, audience usability, file hierarchy, and navigation.

Select and implement basic web technologies, such as XHTML tables and frames, metadata, and Cascading Style Sheets.

Use web production applications and tools to create and manage pages and sites, create animated GIFs, and edit graphic image files, to enhance the user's experience.
Identify the Internet governing organizations and legal issues.

Research Internet standards, register a domain name, and identify the basic principles of the domain name system (DNS).
Identify the relationship between IP addresses and domain names, including: assignment of IP addresses within a subnet.

Define Internet communications protocols.

Demonstrate ways to communicate effectively and efficiently transfer text and binary files using the Internet.

Identify security-related issues related to Internet clients in the workplace and configure user customization features in web browsers including: preferences, caching, and cookies.

Construct a web page using a text editor and XHTML coding incorporating forms, frames.

Distinguish between and be able to use absolute and relative pathnames.

Identify differences in platforms, browsers, display settings, etc., and related accessibility issues.

Design and apply essential aspects of the Cascading Style Sheets standard for page layouts.

Define style precedence and style inheritance.

Identify pre-production requirements including storyboarding, researching, budgeting, prioritizing, drafting proposals, contracts and requirements documents, etc.

Identify and incorporate standards for usability, ease of navigation, accessibility, and internationalization.

Identify and construct appropriate "voice" for web delivery.

Follow steps involved for testing, optimizing, hosting, and implementation of website.

Identify and use design and color principles for web pages.

Optimize and export graphics.

Identify steps in the website planning development and/or maintenance process.

Define electronic commerce (e-commerce) and related technologies and concepts necessary to develop a secure, useful interface (i.e., storefront).

Represent technical issues to a non-technical audience.
(Select from the following)

CIW Site Development Associate

Brainbench (select two):
- WWW Concepts
- Web Design Concepts
- Options: HTML, XHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver

Adobe Certified Associate: Web Communication with Adobe Dreamweaver

WOW Certified Web Designer Apprentice

WOW Academy: Web Yoda Associate Webmaster (WAW)
Brainbench -

Certified Internet Web Professional (CIW) -

World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) -
IE Class:
IE Class has been a leading provider of Web Design curriculum to both public and private schools all over the United States for the past 10 years!

Learning Web Design 4th Edition: A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, Javascript and Web Graphics, Jennifer Robbins, O’Reilly Media, August 2012

Principles of Web Design: The Web Warrior Series, 6th Edition, Joel Sklar, © 2015

Professional Web Design: Techniques and Templates, 5th Edition, Clint Eccher, © 2015

The Video Collection Revealed: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Encore CS6, 1st Edition includes DVD, Debbie Keller Northwest Vista College, ISBN-10: 1133815006

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites, Jon Duckett, ISBN: 978-1-118-87164-5
April 2014

Modern Web Design with Progressive Enhancement, Responsive Design, and CSS3 Webcast:

Adobe Dreamweaver Classroom in a Book
Adobe Dreamweaver Illustrated Revealed Series
Adobe Dreamweaver Revealed Series
Adobe Dreamweaver Revealed Series
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