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Course Information
Business and Information Technology Education
Legal/Medical Terminology
This course will provide students with a foundation of legal and medical terminology.
Jaclyn Arnold
(405) 743-5419
Realtime Applications
-Demonstrate appropriate grammar and word usage.
-Demonstrate appropriate punctuation.
-Demonstrate appropriate number usage.
-Demonstrate appropriate capitalization.
-Demonstrate appropriate spelling.
-Demonstrate good composition and expression.

Legal Terminology
-Correctly spell, pronounce, and define legal terms related to the courts and legal system.

Medical Terminology
-Correctly spell, pronounce, and define general medical terms related to the medical field.
Required Brainbench Certifications (or equivalent industry certification):
-Editing and Proofreading
-Medical Terminology
eBook: Legal Terminology, Cengage Learning.
Essential Healthcare Terminology for English Language Learners, Paradigm.
Essentials of Medical Terminology, Cengage Learning.
Introduction to Medical Terminology, Cengage Learning.
Legal Studies: Terminology & Transcription, Cengage Learning.
Legal Terminology for Transcription and Court Reporting, Cengage Learning.
Legal Terminology with Flashcards, Cengage Learning.
Medical Language: Focus on Terminology, Cengage Learning.
Medical Terminology: A Short Course, Elsevier.
Mosby’s Medical Terminology Flash Cards, Elsevier.
Office Procedures for the Legal Professional (West Legal Studies Series), Judy A. Long, Cengage Learning.

Business Management and Administration Career Cluster:

Online: Resources by Subject:

Basic Worksheets on Style, Grammar, and Usage, McGraw-Hill
Gregg Reference Manual – Basic Worksheets, McGraw-Hill
Gregg Reference Manual, McGraw-Hill
Poorman’s Law Dictionary.
Taber Medical Dictionary
The Pocket Guide to Legal Writing, Cengage Learning.

Older Resources:
8,000 Soundalikes, Lookalikes and Other Words Often Confused, Gilman & Fitzhugh
Court Reporters Language Arts Workbook, Marcella Kocar
Grammar for Court Reporters, Irwin Weiss
One Word, Two Words, Hyphenated? by Mary Louise Gilman
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