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Business and Information Technology Education
Microsoft Office Specialist Access Study Prep
This course builds on the Administrative Technologies II skills and will provide students with the ability to practice and prepare for Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) Exam 77-605: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007.
Jaclyn Arnold
(405) 743-5419
Administrative Technologies II
Structuring a Database:
-Define data needs and types.
-Define Normal Forms.
-Define Data Types.
-Define and use Table Analyzer.
-Define and print table relationships.
-Work with Relationships.
-Define and use Referential Integrity.
-Join tables.
-Create a Relationship Report.
-Add, set, change, or remove primary keys.
-Split databases.

Creating and Formatting Database Elements:
-Create databases.
-Create tables.
-Modify tables.
-Create fields and modify field properties.
-Create a New Field.
-Set Properties in Design View.
-Set Input Masks
-Set a Validation Rule for Selected Field.
-Lookup Lists and Multivalued Fields.
-Create forms.
-Use Form Tools.
-Create Form Wizard.
-Manually create Forms.
-Create PivotCharts and PivotTables.
-Create reports.
-Use Report Tool.
-Create Report Wizard.
-Manually create Reports.
-Print Reports.
-Create labels using the Label Wizard.
-Modify the design of reports and forms.
-Set the Controls of a Report or a Form.
-Modify the Layout of a report or a Form.
-Format Reports and Forms.
-Use AutoFormats with a report or form.

Entering and Modifying Data:
-Enter, edit, and delete records.
-Enter and Edit Records.
-Delete a Record.
-Navigate among records.
-Find and replace data.
-Find Data.
-Use Wildcards.
-Replace Data.
-Attach documents to and detach from records.
-Import Data.
-Link Data.
-Import data by using Specifications.

Creating and Modifying Queries:
-Create Queries.
-Select Queries.
-Set Criteria parameters in a Query.
-Create Action Queries.
-Create Subqueries.
-Modify Queries.
-Make Table Changes.
-Create Parameters in a Query.
-Joins Queries.
-Make Calculations in a Query.

Presenting and Sharing Data:
-Sort data.
-Sort data by Text vs. Numbers.
-Make Tables and Forms.
-Sort Queries.
-Filter data.
-Use Simple Filters.
-Use Common Filters.
-Filter by Selections.
-Filter by Form.
-Create and modify charts.
-Export data.
-Save database objects as other file types.
-Save Earlier Access Formats.
-Save in XPS Format.
-Save as Database Objects.
-Print database objects.

Managing and Maintaining Databases:
-Perform routine database operations.
-Exclusive Use.
-Perform Back Ups Backing Up.
-Problem Prevention.
-Link Repair.
-Manage databases.
-Create Passwords and Encryption.
-Use Database Options.
-Access Database Information.
Access Objectives: (taken from Exam 77-605: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007)
MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Access 2007
Students will complete simulations tests over the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Access:

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