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Business and Information Technology Education
Microsoft Office Specialist Outlook/Word (Vista optional) Study Prep
This course builds on the Office Administration and Management skills and Fundamentals of Administrative Technology skills and will provide students with the ability to practice and prepare for Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS): Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Exam 77-604 and MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Word 2007, Exam 77-601.
Jaclyn Arnold
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Fundamentals of Administrative Technologies
Managing Messaging:
-Create and send an e-mail message.
-Send an email message.
-Reply and forward email messages.
-Recall Messages that has been sent.
-Create and manage your signature and automated messages
-Create Signatures.
-Create Automated Messages.
-Manage e-mail message attachments.
-Create attachments.
-Open and Preview an Attachment.
-Save an Attachment.
-Configure e-mail message sensitivity and importance settings.
-Set an E-Mail Message to Sensitivity.
-Set the Importance on an E-Mail Message.
-Configure e-mail message security settings.
-Include permissions.
-Add Digital Signatures to a Document.
-Encrypt an email message.
-Configure e-mail message delivery options.
-Flag an E-Mail.
-Schedule Deliveries and Expirations.
-Request and Deliver Receipts.
-Reply Rerouting measures.
-Create E-Mail Polls.
-View e-mail messages.
-View the Reading Pane.
-Display a Preview of the Message Text in the Mail Pane.
-Specify the field to place in the Header Box.

Managing Scheduling:
-Create appointments, meetings, and events.
-Set and Open Appointments.
-Save an Event.
-Reoccur Appointments and Events.
-Set Private Appointments and Events.
-Send meeting requests.
-Create and Send Meeting Requests.
-Schedule Meeting Requests.
-Track a Response.
-Update, cancel, and respond to meeting requests.
-Reschedule and Cancel a Meeting Request.
-Add Additional Attendees.
-Respond to Meeting Requests.
-Customize calendar settings.
-Customize your Work Week to a Calendar.
-Set the Time Zone to a Calendar.
-Add a Holiday to a Calendar.
-Share your calendar with others.
-Set Free/Busy Information.
-Share your Calendar.
-E-Mail your Calendar to others.
-Delegate tasks.
-Publish your Calendar.
-View other calendars.
-View Multiple Calendars at once.
-View Other People’s Calendars.
-View Intranet Calendars.

Managing Tasks:
-Create, modify, and mark tasks as complete.
-Create Tasks.
-Task Management:
-Modify/edit tasks.
-Mark tasks as complete.
-Accept, decline, assign, update, and respond to tasks.
-Create Tasks Assignments.
-Calculate Assignment Responses.

Managing Contacts and Personal Contact Information:
-Create and modify contacts.
-Create a Contact Address List.
-Change a Contact Address List.
-Create Contact Records.
-Edit and use an electronic business card.
-Create and modify distribution lists.
-Create a secondary address book.

Organizing Information:
-Categorize Office Outlook 2007 items by color.
-Set Color Categories.
-Make Custom Categories.
-Use Automatic Color Display.
-Sorting categories based on parameters.
-Create and manage Office Outlook 2007 data files.
-Organize mail folders.
-Create and manipulate Folder structure.
-Archive folders and files.
-Organize Sent Messages.
-Review Deleted Items.
-Organize Junk Mail.
-Locate Office Outlook 2007 items by using Search.
-Locate the Instant Search Box.
-Use the Query Builder.
-Search for Folders.
-Create, modify, and remove rules to manage e-mail messages.
-Customize your Office Outlook 2007 experience.
-Customize your To-Do-Bar.
-Customize the Default Message Format.
-Customize the Default Message Look.
-Customize Outlook Anywhere.

Creating and Customizing Documents:
-Create and format documents.
-Create Templates.
-Create Borders and Backgrounds.
-Insert Themes.
-Lay out documents.
-Change Page Settings.
-Add and Change Headers and Footers.
-Insert Columns.
-Make documents and content easier to find.
-Work with the Properties Dialog Box.
-Work with the Tables of Contents Box.
-Understand How to Use the Index Box.
-Make and Set Bookmarks.
-Create Cross-References.
-Make Hyperlinks.
-Personalize Office Word 2007.
-Customize your Common Settings.
-Manipulate More Specialized Settings.
-Research Different Settings.

Formatting Content:
-Format text and paragraphs.
-Change the Character Formatting.
-Change the Paragraph Formatting.
-Use Different Styles including:
-Quick Styles.
-Style Sets.
-Line Breaks and Hyphenation.
-Tab Stops.
-Copy, Find, and Clear Text and Paragraphs.
-Manipulate text.
-Copy and Move Text.
-Use the Paste Special.
-Find and Replace Text.
-Control pagination.
-Insert and delete Page Breaks.
-Insert and delete Sections.

Working with Visual Content:
-Insert illustrations.
-Insert Pictures.
-Insert Shapes.
-Insert SmartArt Diagrams.
-Insert Charts.
-Size and Position Illustrations.
-Format illustrations.
-Use Text Wrapping.
-Crop a Picture or Clip Art.
-Rotate a Picture or Clip Art.
-Create a Stacking Order.
-Include Grouping.
-Align and Distribute an Illustration.
-Change the Styles of an Illustration.
-Change the Color of an Illustration.
-Format text graphically.
-Add WordArt.
-Add Drop Caps.
-Insert and modify text boxes.

Organizing Content:
-Structure content by using Quick Parts.
-Use Building Blocks Organizer.
-Use Custom Quick Parts.
-Set Fields.
-Use tables and lists to organize content.
-Make Tables.
-Create Tabular Lists.
-Add Bullets and Numbering Lists.
-Modify tables.
-Change Table Structure.
-Change Table Formatting.
-Change Text Alignment.
-Make Calculations.
-Insert and format references and captions.
-Insert Bibliographies.
-Insert a Reference Table.
-Insert Footnotes and Endnotes.
-Merge documents and data sources.
-Merge Documents.
-Merge fields to create Labels.
-Merge fields to create Envelopes.

Reviewing Documents:
-Navigate documents.
-Use Navigation Tricks.
-Use Multiple Views.
-Compare and merge document versions.
-Manage tracked changes.
-Track Changes.
-Review Changes.
-Insert, modify, and delete comments.

Sharing and Securing Content:
-Prepare documents for sharing.
-Change File Formats.
-Use Compatibility Checker.
-Use Document Inspector.
-Control document access.
-Set Editing and Formatting Restrictions.
-Set Passwords.
-Use Rights Management.
-Make a Document as Final.
-Attach digital signatures.
Outlook Objectives: (taken from Exam 77-604: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2007)
Word Objectives: (taken from Exam 77-601: MCAS: Using Microsoft Office Word 2007)
MCAS Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and MCAS Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
Students will complete simulations tests over the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Outlook:

Students will complete simulations tests over the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist in Word:

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