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Career Major Information
CAD Technician Pipe Design
This career major will introduce students to the skills required as a CAD Technician Pipe Design.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
120.00 TI00365 Fundamentals of Computer Aided Drafting and Design View Course
45.00 TI00302 Drawing and Document Management View Course
165.00 TI00445 Principles of CAD Design View Course
45.00 TI00625 Material and Equipment Specifications View Course
195.00 TI01059 Presentation Graphics Animation View Course
60.00 TI00327 CAD Piping Introduction View Course
60.00 TI00885 CAD Piping Level 1 View Course
60.00 TI00887 CAD Piping Level 2 View Course
60.00 TI00016 CAD Piping Level 3 View Course
30.00 TI00802 Workforce Staging View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Tulsa Technology Center Broken Arrow CAD Technician Pipe Design View Approved Career Major