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Career Major Information
Refrigeration Service Technician
This career Major will introduce students to air-conditioning and refrigeration, exploring career opportunities in the HVAC/R industry, personal safety and work practices, personal protective equipment, handling pressurized fluids, handling hazardous substances, hand and power tools, and equipment used to test and service heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment, including those used to measure air flow used by a refrigeration service technician.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
30.00 TI00687 Introduction to HVACR: Safety, Tools, and Equipment View Course
60.00 TI00222 Principles of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer View Course
45.00 TI00717 Piping and Piping Practices View Course
60.00 TI00690 Electricity for HVAC/R View Course
45.00 TI01134 HVAC/R Controls View Course
30.00 TI01215 HVAC/R Solid State Electronics View Course
15.00 TI00924 Load Calculations View Course
90.00 TI00925 Refrigerant System Components View Course
120.00 TI00685 Air Conditioning Systems View Course
15.00 TI00148 Refrigerants and Lubricants View Course
15.00 TI00934 Refrigerant Recovery View Course
15.00 TI00719 Refrigerant Retrofits View Course
30.00 TI01146 Heat Pumps View Course
60.00 TI00689 Commercial Refrigeration View Course
15.00 TI00500 Indoor Air Quality View Course
15.00 TI01190 HVAC/R Preventive Maintenance View Course
30.00 TI00497 HVAC/R Codes, Regulations, & Standards View Course
15.00 TI00718 Professional Service View Course
90.00 TI00495 Dispensing Freezers View Course
90.00 TI00746 Multiplexed Evaporator Systems View Course
15.00 TI01599 Working in the Green Environment View Course
30.00 TI00802 Workforce Staging View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center Choctaw Refrigeration Service Technician View Approved Career Major
Metro Technology Center South Bryant Campus Refrigeration Service Technician View Approved Career Major
ODCTE Skills Centers Jim Hamilton Skills Center Refrigeration Service Technician View Approved Career Major