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3D Gaming Designer
The 3D Gaming Designer major prepares students for careers in the field of game art and design as modelers, animation artists, 3D illustrators, digital artists and game designers. In this major students study game theory and technology, the design process, animation, level design, multimedia design, art, animation, game mechanics and storytelling.
Hours Course Code Course Title Actions
45.00 TI01386 Introduction to Computers and Applications View Course
60.00 TI01392 Evolution of Game Technology View Course
90.00 TI01380 Fundamentals of Drawing View Course
120.00 TI01395 Digital Imaging View Course
120.00 TI01393 Game Development and Design Concepts View Course
90.00 TI01394 3D Rendering and Design Visualization View Course
120.00 TI01388 Game Level Design View Course
90.00 TI01389 3D Character Design and Animation View Course
120.00 TI01390 Animation and Game Scripting View Course
60.00 TI01385 3D Gaming Capstone View Course
30.00 TI00802 Workforce Staging View Course
Campuses Approved For This Career Major
District Campus Local Name Actions
Caddo-Kiowa Technology Center Ft Cobb 3D Gaming Designer View Approved Career Major
Canadian Valley Technology Center Earl Cowan 3D Gaming Designer View Approved Career Major
Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center Choctaw 3D Gaming Designer View Approved Career Major
Metro Technology Center South Bryant Campus 3D Gaming Designer View Approved Career Major